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Tree Services

Tree Services

Tree Care: It’s What We Do 

At Pegram Tree Service, we care about the health and appearance of the trees on your residential or commercial property. Whether you have one beautiful pine tree, several chestnut oak trees, or a variety of different tree species on your property, we can maintain their health and beauty. We offer a number of tree care services that are as affordable as they are beneficial for your trees, yard, and surroundings. 

• Tree Removal • Stump Grinding • Tree Pruning • Crown Reductions • Thinning  • Fertilization
• Root Excavation • Tree Planting • Risk Assessments  • Spurless Climbing

We also serve the Holden Beach area with complete tree service, tree removal, stump removal and grinding. Please call 336-880-1912. 

Call us for any of the preceding jobs! Remember all of that equipment and manpower we said we had earlier? We will put to work what’s needed for your tree project, no matter the scope or size. 

Tree Removal Is Our Specialty 

There are many reasons property owners choose to have trees on their land removed. Some of those reasons include dead or diseased trees; trees posing danger to your home, your neighbor’s home, or your family; trees blocking your view of the kids playing outside, trees that cause the need for frequent yard maintenance and regularly clog gutters; and more. No matter the reason you want to cut down one tree or several, we’re the perfect team for the job. 

We work carefully, efficiently, and with consideration of your safety and that of our workers in mind. When you need professional tree removal that ensures a smooth and mess-free process, call Pegram Tree Service. 
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